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Discover a whole world of benefits in ONE single ingredient!

MKARE is a branded ingredient based on 100% natural eggshell membrane, this multi-functional branded ingredient naturally contains a unique source of key bioactive compounds that has more than one purpose.

MKARE is rich in collagen (I, V and X), hyaluronic acid, elastin, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine, and over 400 proteins…. a unique supplement solution that is clinically shown to offer multiple complementary benefits in ONE single ingredient.

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The key supplement to push your exercise to the next level

The passion, determination, dedication and effort that guides athletes and sports practitioners and helps drive them to work on their personal growth every day also serves as our motivation to help them improve the quality of their sporting life, researching this powerful branded ingredient with multiple clinically-backed benefits for optimising performance in daily activity.

MKARE – 100% natural eggshell membrane – helps through this branded ingredient to keep joints and tendons in optimal condition in order to improve daily training, as a nutritional solution full of proteins and essential amino acids, such as collagen (I, V and X), hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine… thereby helping to reduce exercise-induced joint pain and reduce CTX_II cartilage breakdown that increases when exercising. It is the best sport nutrition supplement to allow you to keep going, NON-STOP!


Improving well-being, keeping health on track

Life is about balance: living an active lifestyle is important for staying healthy, and the trick to staying active is to find something you enjoy doing, no matter what your age. The secret is to get moving!

MKARE – 100% natural eggshell membrane – helps to support the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in grown-ups thanks to the key biomolecules that it naturally contains, such as collagen (I, V and X), elastin, chondroitin sulphate… the perfect daily dietary supplement that is clinically shown to support the regeneration of cartilage and tendons and promote healthy joint function.


Where beauty begins on the inside

Beauty it is not just about looking good – it is also about feeling good, finding new ways to empower the natural beauty within us and providing proven results that really work, effectively and efficiently.

MKARE – 100% natural eggshell membrane – is the perfect combination that naturally contains a variety of proteins such as collagen (I, V and X), elastin, hyaluronic acid and much more. The perfect skin, hair and nail supplement that works to nurture the real beauty that lies within us.


Caring properly for our 4-legged friends

Our lives are intrinsically connected with animals: it has been proven that they provide long-term physical and psychological benefits for people’s well-being, so we have a responsibility to protect their own good health and well-being, because they deserve the best we can give. For us, caring for them means much more than simply looking after the basics, so we are firmly committed to supporting their quality of life.

MKARE – 100% natural eggshell membrane – this branded ingredient is rich in collagen (I, V and X), hyaluronic acid, elastin, chondroitin sulphate…. It is the most advanced chondroprotection supplement that is clinically shown to promote joint mobility, strength and flexibility in our 4-legged friends.

Improving health, together

Our passion drives us to explore a better way to practice healthcare, improving it in the safest possible way, sourcing a natural resource in a highly responsible manner by recycling eggshells and giving them a “second life” as part of a fully circular economy.

We conduct research into  this wonderful and powerful branded ingredient – the eggshell membrane – which has a whole host of benefits and serves as our inspiration to develop new innovations, together with you, and to improve people’s quality of life, efficiently and effectively.

We share with you the same level of dedication and we know what really matters, which is why we have a firm conviction that a healthy lifestyle can boost one’s health. That is why our priority is to develop the highest quality branded ingredient based on the eggshell membrane for application in the food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, nutraceutical and pharma industries, helping you in every step you take, because we put our knowledge and expertise at your disposal to help you to face new challenges, learning together.


Integrity is the foundation for everything we do. Our commitment: honesty, trust and transparency.

We strive to set the highest standard of quality in everything we do. We always want to drive towards “the next step” by constantly challenging ourselves to improve and break new ground.

We show empathy and act with humility. Therefore, we respect our customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues.

Innovation motivates action: to take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learning from mistakes and constantly striving to help you.

Our passion is the reason why we continue to conduct research and challenge ourselves every day. We push our own boundaries by focusing and helping you with your projects, placing all our expertise at your disposal.

We promote equality of treatment and opportunity between women and men.

We have our own poultry farms and we establish relationships with local farmers to contribute to the development of our community, while also promoting sustainable and ethical production.

In a unique in-situ process, we obtain the eggshell membrane on the same day that the egg-cracker breaks the eggs and generates the eggshell, thus preserving its qualitative properties, avoiding the decomposition of organic matter and minimising the carbon footprint as part of a fully circular economy.

So we take advantage of the sun as a source of clean and green energy.

Our branded ingredients are 100% chemical-free.


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