colageno para las uñas

Benefits of collagen for the nails

Collagen is a very important protein which plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and strength of our nails. Often, when we talk about collagen, we think of its relationship with skin and joints, but we should not overlook its benefits when it comes to nails. In this blog post by Arandovo, the company that develops MKARE’s functional ingredient, we will tell you in detail what collagen does to nails, what is the most beneficial type of collagen, and how it contributes to maintaining healthy and strong nails.

What effects does collagen have on the nails?

Nails are largely composed of a protein called keratin, which is responsible for their structure and strength. However, collagen also plays a crucial role in the formation and maintenance of nails. Collagen is a fibrous protein found throughout the body and is a fundamental component of skin, bones, tendons, and, of course, nails.

Collagen in nails contributes to their flexibility and strength. It acts as a kind of “glue” that holds the keratin cells together, which prevents nails from becoming brittle and breaking easily. In addition, collagen is also important for moisturizing the nails, which is essential to prevent dryness and brittleness.

What type of collagen is good for the nails?

When it comes to collagen for the nails, it is important to note that type I collagen is the most relevant. Type I collagen can be found in skin, bones, tendons, and nails. It is known for its ability to strengthen and improve the elasticity of nails, making them less prone to breaking or chipping.

Type I collagen is naturally produced within the body, but said production declines with age. Therefore, it is beneficial to consider taking type I collagen in nutritional supplements such as MKARE to keep the nails healthy and strong as we age.

Collagen keeps the nails healthy and strong

As mentioned above, collagen acts as a “glue” that holds the keratin cells in the nails together. This prevents nails from becoming brittle and breaking easily, which is often a common problem, especially in winter.

In addition, type I collagen provides flexibility to the nails, which makes them break less easily. On the other hand, collagen also plays an important role in retaining moisture in the nails and helps to maintain a good level of hydration, which is essential for their health.

Finally, it must be highlighted that collagen can stimulate nail growth, an important fact for those who want longer and stronger nails.

Benefits of collagen for your nails

Now that we know in depth what collagen is and how it influences nail health, it is time to get into all of the specific benefits that this protein provides to our nails.

Stronger nails

Supplementing with type I collagen can significantly strengthen your nails, making them less prone to breaking or chipping. This is especially beneficial if you have brittle nails or if you undergo treatments that weaken your nails, such as frequent use of nail polish or harsh chemicals.

More flexible nails

Collagen also provides flexibility to your nails, protecting them from impact damage. Flexible nails are less likely to break or bend, which is essential to keep them in good condition.

Greater moisture 

Adequate moisture is crucial for healthy nails, and collagen helps to retain moisture. This prevents dryness and brittleness, keeping your nails looking healthy and radiant.

Growth stimulation

If you are looking for longer nails, collagen can be your ally. It stimulates nail growth, which allows you to enjoy longer and stronger nails in no time.

Improves overall appearance

Collagen not only strengthens nails, but also improves their overall appearance. You may notice smoother nails that are less prone to surface irregularities.

Best supplements for nails

Now that we have highlighted the benefits of collagen for the nails, it is important to choose a high-quality collagen supplement for maximum benefits. One of the most recommended and effective supplements in this regard is MKARE.

MKARE is a 100% natural functional ingredient based on the eggshell membrane developed by Arandovo. This ingredient natively contains a unique source of bioactive compounds with multiple health benefits including collagen type I, V, and X, as well as over 400 proteins, elastin, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid.

But, in addition to benefiting your nails, MKARE is also beneficial for your skin and hair. This makes it an integral supplement for general care, as it contributes to maintaining a healthy appearance throughout your body.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that MKARE is a 100% natural ingredient, free of chemicals, and with a membrane purity of 90%, making it a complete supplement to help improve your health day by day. 

As you have seen throughout the post, collagen is essential for maintaining healthy and strong nails, and the most beneficial type of collagen is type I collagen. Benefits include stronger, more flexible, moisturized nails with stimulated growth and an overall improved appearance. In that case, MKARE can help you improve your nails as well as your skin and hair. 

If you want to know more about the properties of MKARE as well as all of its benefits do not hesitate to check our website, if you want more information, you can also contact us, we will help you with everything you need.