Eggshell membrane_ what it is good for_

Eggshell membrane: what it is good for?

Eggshell membrane is a functional ingredient, natively containing a unique source of bioactive compounds with multiple health benefits. It is rich in collagen, containing around 22%, as well as elastin, hyaluronic acid and more than 400 key biomolecules. Thanks to this combined matrix, a mechanism of action with a profound anti-inflammatory effect and a great regenerative power is achieved in a single ingredient.

Due to the richness of this substance, several scientific researchers and studies qualify the use of the eggshell inner membrane for health as “high potential”, thanks to its multiple properties. At Arandovo, we investigate the enormous potential of this functional ingredient on a daily basis. Discover in this post what is eggshell membrane good for!

What is eggshell membrane

When we think of an egg, we take it for granted that it consists of the eggshell, which protects the inside; the egg-white, which has a high protein content; and the egg-yolk, which provides the nutrients. However, these last internal parts of the egg are protected by a thin, whistish-coloured film on the inside of the shell itself, which we call the eggshell membrane.

The main bioactive compounds in eggshell membrane are: collagen (Type I, V and X), elastin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, lysozyme, chondroitin sulphate… And so on up to more than 400 proteins, thanks to this unique matrix of compounds we can enjoy its multiple benefits with a low daily dose, -300 mg per day.

Interior structure of the egg

Eggshell membrane, attached to the inner part of the eggshell, is characterised as a functional ingredient with a high protein content, especially by volume of collagen and elastin.

The egg is naturally designed with a specific structure to protect and nourish the embryo. There are physical and chemical barriers that protect it from external contaminants and bacterial growth. Both barriers help to preserve all those nutrients that the egg offers us.

Physical barriers refer to the eggshell, the eggshell membranes, the air chamber, the egg-white structure and its density (the chalaza), as well as the vitelline membrane, i.e. the outer membrane of the yolk, the palisade layer and the cuticle. As for their chemical barriers, these are composed of the main components mentioned above (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, etc.).

The arrangement of all these barriers, in addition to the shape of the egg, helps to make the structure very rigid:

  • Eggshell membrane. These are two envelopes that come together from the chorion. One is attached to the shell, while the other is in contact with the egg-white. These are two components of a protein nature, which act as a defence against the entry of micro-organisms.
  • Air chamber. This is formed by the membranes glued to the shell. The air chamber increases in size over time.
  • Chalazas. Transparent-whitish in colour, the main function of the chalazas is to fix the yolk to the centre of the egg.
  • Palisade layer. Two parallel columns extending to approach the surface of the eggshell.
  • Cuticle. The cuticle is the final structure of the eggshell. With a thickness of between 10 and 30 micrometres (mm), its purpose is to prevent the entry of particles, thus preventing the invasion of microbes into the interior.

What is eggshell membrane good for

Eggshell membrane is the only ingredient that provides a number of individual benefits. At Arandovo we have developed a 100% natural functional ingredient based on eggshell membrane: MKARE. It is an ingredient that uniquely contains bioactive compounds with multiple clinically proven health benefits.

Here’s why MKARE is the perfect alternative to improve your health:

  • Sport nutrition. Many sportsmen and women do sport, if not on a daily basis, then on a very continuous basis. For this reason, it is very common for athletes’ joints to suffer and this prevents them from continuing with their sporting activities. Thanks to MKARE, athletes recover their physiological conditions, thus helping to keep their joints and tendons in optimal conditions, in order to improve their daily training.

  • Healthy aging. It is important to lead a healthy life, as this improves our well-being. However, as we age, our joints may suffer from pain or stiffness associated with joint degradation. MKARE aids in the development process, supporting the maintenance of functional capacity, while contributing to wellbeing in adults. It is the perfect supplement that works to regenerate tendons and cartilage, promoting healthy joint function.

  • Beauty Health. Beauty is not only on the outside, but also starts from the inside. MKARE helps to significantly improve the appearance of skin, nails and hair; protecting them and keeping them in good condition.

  • Animal health. Studies show that animals bring us both physical and psychological benefits. It is therefore of vital importance to protect their health and help their wellbeing. Thanks to our MKARE ingredient, animals will be able to maintain their joint mobility and improve their quality of life.

At Arandovo we are aware that healthy habits help to improve our quality of life. For this reason, we develop with passion and dedication our functional ingredient MKARE, with the highest quality for application in food, dietary, supplements, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry.

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