Supplements for a healthy aging

Aging is a natural human process, but that does not mean that we should stop taking care of our organism. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy aging as “the process of optimizing opportunities for physical, social and mental well-being throughout life in order to improve the quality of life as people age” (WHO, 2015). In other words, it is about aging in a healthy, active way, with a good quality of life.

Living actively is fundamental to stay healthy, and the trick to stay active is to find something we really enjoy, regardless of age. Physical activity, nutrition and supplements are some of the factors that can help us stay healthy as we age.

In this regard, dietary supplements can be an excellent option to take care of our organism and keep us healthy as we age. 

At Arandovo, as producers of the functional ingredient MKARE, we are aware of this, so we want you to know firsthand what are the best supplements for a healthy aging and how they will help you to significantly improve your quality of life.

The importance of taking care of our body with nutritional supplements

Taking care of our body is essential at any age, especially as we get older. 

Aging can bring with it a number of changes in our body, such as a decrease in muscle mass or a reduction in our body’s ability to recover from injuries or an illness, among others. All these changes can make life more difficult and affect the quality of life of older people.

Dietary supplements are an easy and convenient way to ensure that our body receives the necessary nutrients for a healthy aging. Even if we eat a balanced diet, there may be certain nutrients that we are not consuming in adequate amounts.

In addition, such supplements can help fill those nutritional gaps and ensure that our body has everything it needs to function optimally.

It is important to note that not all supplements are equal, and that we should choose those that are backed by science and are safe for our health. This is where Arandovo’s MKARE stands out as one of the best supplements for a healthy aging.

MKARE, the best rejuvenation supplement

MKARE is a 100% natural functional ingredient based on the egg’s inner membrane, which helps in the development process and supports the maintenance of functional capacity, contributing to the well-being in adults thanks to a series of key biomolecules that it contains naturally, such as collagen (I, V and X), elastin, chondroitin sulfate… 

This makes MKARE a very complete dietary supplement to be taken daily, which is clinically proven to work as an adjuvant in the regeneration of cartilage and tendons, as well as promoting a healthy joint function.

In addition, it is backed by science and is safe for health, as it can provide a number of benefits for joints, connective tissues, skin, bones and muscles.

MKARE benefits for a healthy aging

It is very important to take care of our body to maintain a good quality of life as we age. Dietary supplements can be a useful tool to achieve a healthy aging. 

In this sense, MKARE, has multiple health benefits, including:

It can help slow down the aging process

The collagen (Type I, V and X), proteins and bioactive compounds contained in the active ingredient of MKARE help to delay aging, favoring the improvement of joint health and contributing to reduce inflammation in those parts of the body that have more pressure.

Facilitates joint, ligament and tendon health

As mentioned above, MKARE’s eggshell membrane is rich in proteins and other bioactive compounds that have been shown to have beneficial properties for joint, ligament and tendon health. For example, it contains collagen, elastin and chondroitin sulfate, which are important structural components of connective tissue.

May help to reduce inflammation

The hyaluronic acid present in the eggshell membrane can help lubricate joints and reduce inflammation, which in turn can help improve mobility and reduce joint pain.

Helps to maintain healthy bones

If there is one thing that is important for the elderly, it is to keep their bones healthy by promoting full mobility. MKARE natural eggshell membrane contains a unique combination of nutrients that are essential for maintaining bone health and preventing bone deterioration at old ages. In particular, collagen provides flexibility, elasticity and support. This together with the other molecules helps to reduce inflammation in the joints and prevent cartilage degeneration.

In short, Arandovo’s MKARE is an exceptional dietary supplement that can help the elderly to age in a healthy and active way. 

Here at Arandovo we continue to innovate in MKARE, our functional ingredient with 100% protein in native state and free of chemicals, with a membrane purity of 90%. 

In addition, we work with local products, thus promoting circular economy and respecting the environment at all times. If you want more information about MKARE and how it can help you in your healthy aging, you can visit our website by clicking here.